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Over the last few months, you may have heard about our upcoming conference called Video Marketing World. Hundreds of your peers have already signed up. Here’s what you’ll receive when you join them:

If you already creating videos, this will help you develop a winning strategy. Your instructors are among the best video marketers on the planet that together have billions of combined views.

Most conferences get you fired up then the week after you return home you’ve forgotten most of what you’ve learned. The entire purpose of VMW is to help you develop your video strategy for 12-months. You get our 100+ page video strategy workbook and the knowledge to finish it.

Imagine being at one of the best marketing events of the year with only 500 people. And imagine this event taking place at a world-class resort for half the price of most marketing events.

Any company can make great videos. But making videos that get seen, build audiences and convert is really hard. This is why we created Video Marketing World. A place where you are no longer alone trying to decipher this on your own. This event is not for YouTuber fans. It is for those who want an intensive training. It is for those who want to succeed.

Register now before you miss the chance to increase your video ROI

  • 30+ World-Class Speakers & Sessions
  • For any company that want to make effective, ROI positive videos
  • Attendees Get Session Replay Access for 12-Months
  • Attendees Get Our Video Marketing Strategy Playbook
  • Every Session Is Based on Real-World Examples
  • Only 500 Total Attendees Invited
  • Gaylord Texan Hotel Resort Discount
Print Schedule

Aug. 29th

Registration & Reception / Open Bar 6-9pm

Aug. 30th

Registration 7-9am

Aug 30th – Breakout Sessions 8-9am

Tim Schmoyer

Video Creators

Human Elements That Quickly Grow YOUR Channel

Sherri Powers


How To Generate Leads with Video

Fernando Silva


Website Video Marketing Strategy for Brands

Aug 30th – Keynote 9-10am

Luria Petrucci

Live Streaming Pros

4 Part LIVE Video Strategy to Increase Views, Engagement & Sales

Aug 30th – Breakout Sessions 10-11am

Claudia Barbiero


Mobile Live Streaming: How’d they do that?

Rob Wilson


Data-Driven YouTube Channel Growth

Jessica Stansberry

Convert Video Viewers into Paying Customers

Aug 30th – Breakout Sessions 11-12pm

Brian Fanzo

Press the damn button

Tom Martin

How to audit your YouTube channel

Nick Nimmin

Creating deeper connections with your YouTube audience

Aug 30th – Lunch Break 12-1pm

Aug 30th – Breakout Sessions 1-2pm

Roberto Blake

Audience Development Strategy

Dane Golden

How To Gain Loyal Customers With Your How-To Video Strategy

Brian Wallace, Judi Fox, Michaela Alexis


How to be a Badass LinkedIn Video Creator

Aug 30th – Breakout Sessions 2-3pm

Carlos Gill

Gil Media Co.

The End of Marketing: How to Humanize Your Brand in the Age of Chatbots and AI

Brian G Johnson

3X Channel Growth Strategy - Better, Stronger, Faster

Jake Larsen

YouTube Ads Strategy To Grow Your Influence & Business

Aug 30th – Breakout Sessions 3-4pm

Krysta Masciale

Why Your Brand Will Reinvent The Video Industry

Renee Teeley


Video marketing strategy for startups

Steve Dotto

Webinars are STILL the BEST Live streaming tool

Aug 30th – Keynote 4-5pm

Derral Eves

Facebook Video Strategy for Brands

Aug 30th – Recpition / Open Bar 7-10pm

Aug. 31st

Registration 7-9am

Aug 31th – Breakout Sessions 8-9am

Andru Edwards

Working with Influencers to Grow Your Brand

Tyler Lessard


Developing a Video Strategy for B2B Marketing and Sales

Salma Jafri

How to Craft a #VideoFirst Content Strategy (and why you need to)

Aug 31st – Keynote 9-10am

Shaun McKnight

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Video Influencer Strategy for Brands

Aug 31th – Breakout Sessions 10-11am

Rollo Wenlock


Video workflow design: The secret to Sephora, Shimano and Deloitte’s video strategy

Todd Patton


By Ignoring Video, Your Data-Driven Decisions Could Be Off by 50%

Anthony Ambriz


LinkedIn Video Strategy

Aug 31st – Lunch Break 11-12pm

Aug 31st – Breakout Sessions 12-1pm

Amy Schmittauer Landino

Vlog Boss Studios

Vlogging Strategy: The Secret of Storytellers

Joe Scott

Answers with Joe

How To Grow Your Channel Using Screenwriting Tricks From Movies

Owen Video

Live Video pre Production tips that will make your show better

Aug 31st – Breakout Sessions 1-2pm

David Lee


Get Your Video Ad Creative Strategy Right Or Get Left Behind

AJ Wood


Creating How To Content that Truly Helps

Andrew Kan


Boost YouTube view velocity on new uploads by leveraging existing videos

Aug 31st – Breakout Sessions 2-3pm

Sean Cannell

One YouTube Strategy That Generates 344+ New Leads Per Day

John Stancliffe


The Hub Content Dilemma: Building a Case for Mid-funnel Video Strategy

Josh Horton

Juggling Josh Horton

Instagram Strategy for Brands

Aug 31st – Keynote 3-4pm

Evan Carmichael

Why Brands Lose on Social (& the Formula to Fix It)

Dallas Texas August 29th – 31st

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