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The goal of Vidpow’s Video Marketing Consulting is to do everything we can to make sure the videos you create are effective and help achieve your video goals – whether that’s building your audiences, selling products and services or getting people into a funnel.

Why Vidpow?

Vidpow has made a name for itself over the past 3 years as a leader in the world of YouTube and video marketing. Our founder Jeremy Vest speaks at the biggest YouTube, Social Media, and Video Marketing conferences and has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, gaining over a billion views for our clients.

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What Does the Vidpow Video Marketing Consulting Services Include? 

You spend time and money making videos, our goal at Vidpow is to help you create more effective videos through consulting and coaching. The following services are what each of our consulting customers receive.

Month 1
Video Marketing Audits

We will audit your YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels. This is a deep dive into your analytics and engagement to ascertain your current strengths and areas of improvement

Month 2
12-month Video Marketing Strategy

Next we help you develop smart, sustainable goals for the next year, then develop a detailed 12-month video marketing strategy designed to reach those goals.

Month 3
Strategy Implementation

Now that your 12-month strategy is set, we work with you to implement the plan and start your content engine.

Months 4-12
Bi-monthly Coaching & Training Sessions

We will have 2 1-hour sessions for coaching and training every month for 12 months. We’ll serve as your mentor, creative sounding board, and accountability partner.

Report Card
We will review your videos and optimization once a month and send a report with suggested improvements.

Goal Tracking
Progress tracking against your goals for 12-months.

Hands-on Workshop
We host a client-only 4-day hands-on workshop in Las Vegas with some of the best video marketing instructors in the world, and the small number of participants means you’ll get tons of one-on-one time with each of them.

Access to Video Marketing World
5 tickets to our annual conference in Dallas, featuring seminars and talks from some of the biggest names in video marketing.

Membership to Video Marketing Society
1-year membership to our Video Marketing Society (launching January 2018) that will feature free continuing training and community.

Let Us Help You Rock Your Video Marketing!

For a fraction of the time and money it takes to make your videos, the Vidpow Video Marketing Consulting Service is there to guide effective videos that get ROI. Making effective videos is hard and if you don’t get it right you will be wasting lots of money making videos that don’t produce results.

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Optional Monthly Video Optimization

For an additional $2,500 per month we will optimize up to 8 videos a month for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with our 10-step process.

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Our 10-Step Optimization Process:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Titles
  3. Description
  4. Tags
  5. Category Selection
  6. Playlist Strategy
  7. End Screens
  8. Closed Captions
  9. Custom Thumbnails
  10. Card Creation

“Vidpow is a team of video marketing data scientists. Just the custom thumbnails increased our suggested video views by over a quarter of a million views a month.”

Justin R.Senior Manager of Social Strategy at FUNimation

“Using A&B testing Vidpow was able to get a 35% better view rate on custom thumbnails.”


“Increased overall organic views by more than 220% in 7 months. That’s millions of more views a year!”

Well Go USA

“We switched from another YouTube vendor with a laundry list of goals that we thought would take years to accomplish. Through their extensive knowledge and experience with YouTube VidPow was able to get our corporate YouTube page fully optimized within 6 months and we started seeing triple digit percent growth in all important metrics. Jeremy is a true wizard of the YouTube industry, not working with him would be a colossal mistake”

Jordan A.Service Master & American Home Shield

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