Your Video & Content Marketing Team

You spend time & money creating videos, blogs and social media. Vidpow exists to help you get the results, understand your audience and convert viewers into buyers.

Vidpow Offers 3 Core Services

For true results, you must work on video marketing every single day – “ain’t nobody got time for that.”
That’s why we’re here. Your video marketing team.

Who & What is Vidpow?

Vidpow is not a typical agency, we are your video marketing & advertising team. Combined we have almost half a billion views for our customers and millions of subscribers. We focus on using video marketing and ads to build cost effective revenue for our customers.

Vidpow is a collection of several top experts in YouTube, online advertising and video marketing. We are kinda big deal 🙂 & speak at all the major conferences like Vidcon and write for many of the biggest trade publications like ReelSEO.

We help our customers in a big way!

Total Customer Views
Minutes Watched Per month
New Subscribers Per Month

We work with the following types of companies

Brands & Business

Our L.A.S.E.R Process

#1 Listen: We start by listening to your goals


#2 Audit: We then dive deep into your video marketing with our over 60 page audit


#3 Strategize: Next we create a video marketing strategy across many platforms based on your goals


#4 Execute: Then we develop a plan and start working the video marketing strategy based on the monthly budget


#5 Report: Every month you get an ROI based report


We don’t work with everyone

We are very selective and only work with a hand full of companies. You must believe in video as an online content marketing and lead generation tool. Short-term success,  is not our focus. We are in this for the long haul and we require your business is also thinking long-term with video marketing. You must be willing to let us make sure all conversion tracking is set up including phone numbers or we will never be able to show success.


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