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Gained over 300+ million views & 1.5 million subscribers for customers with video marketing that works

We help our customers in a big way!

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What is Vidpow?

Vidpow exists to help businesses evolve their online video marketing. We are data driven video marketing freaks+fanatics+nerds, that live to help businesses rethink all aspects of how to approach online video. We help brands create awesome sauce with video.


We help you develop a complete video marketing strategy and audit your existing video marketing.


Our Video Discoverability Optimization process is among the best in the world and has produced over 300 million views for our customers.


In some cases Vidpow sends our clients videos to over 100 sources to insure visibility.


Audience development or audience growth is most often a byproduct of creating great content and using best practices. Our customers gain over 100k subscribers a month.


We have tons of experience using video advertising to drive sales, conversion and to build an audience. We use remarekting, extreme targeting and the latest tools and best practices.


Why use video if it’s not helping your company? We are video marketing scientists that are driven around your success. Our video conversion science process is very effective.

L.A.S.E.R. Process

#1 Listen: Understand your video marketing goals and KPI’s


#2 Audit: Dive deep into your existing video marketing efforts across all online platforms and understand the good the bad and the ugly


#3 Strategize: Create a video marketing strategy that is based on your goals and KPIs


#4 Execute: Start working the video marketing strategy


#5 Report: Create monthly reports to see how we are doing


How Can We Help?

Do your videos just sit there like lumpy pillows? Let us help you make your videos work. We want to become your affordable video marketing department/partner.

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